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West Hollywood Halloween Carnival: Costume Contest, Live Music and a Wild Night

by on October 24, 2011

West Hollywood is a city that is known for hosting various events through the year. From the Aids ride, to design furniture week, gay pride, the Santa Toy Drive and, next week, the famed West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval.

4063579876 0070c093fd m West Hollywood Halloween Carnival: Costume Contest, Live Music and a Wild NightStarted as a small street fair years ago, the carnival is now one of West Hollywood’s major local and tourist attractions.  Officials are expecting hundreds of thousands of adults and children to attend this one night event. It will be held from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. along Santa Monica Boulevard from Doheny Drive to La Cienega Boulevard and is a sure-fire way to boost the local economy.

Here are some of the wild things to expect:

Most people will invest a great deal of effort and energy in their costumes, in an attempt to win the coveted prizes. Local clubs and restaurants will sponsor the event and alcohol will be served. This is a very well organized event and the West Hollywood Sheriff will be on-hand as an integral part of the event to secure everyone’s safety.  Expect delayed traffic and not so convenient parking; walk if you live close by.

New Orleans and even Brazil are known for their carnivals, but for a closer destination this a fantastic event and should not to be missed.

Will you participate in this year Halloween Carnaval? please share your thoughts on the event and your favorite costumes.

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Joseph West is an Associate Partner at Partners Trust. He studied interior design at UCLA and has an extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles market. You can reach him via email at


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  1. Nick Segal says:

    I wonder if the value of my Hilldale condo has gone up because of the ring side seat you get to this growing attraction. Great post Joseph.

  2. Joseph West says:

    Your Hilldale condo defiantly gone up on value not only to this growing attraction, but recently Pavilion opened up their latest state of the art grocery store just down the street from your condo.

    I would say you did a good investment !

  3. Lorin Ruttenberg says:

    Feeling nostalgic for the Weho Halloween parade. I went every year when I lived on Harper and just had to walk out my door. And when I went with my now hubby several years ago and realized how into it he was, I felt very relaxed and thought, “I can be with this person.”

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