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24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood: Stay Fit with the Newest Equipment

by on August 22, 2011

Los Angeles is a city that keeps us running from place to place whether going to work, picking up kids from school or taking care of personal matters. Staying fit leads to a healthy body and a healthy mind and taking time to stay fit leads to a better performance in our daily lives.

5091317071 693575546b1 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood: Stay Fit with the Newest EquipmentAfter going through a major interior rehab, 24 Hour Health and Fitness in West Hollywood looks great.  I am amazed by the different dynamics and age groups of people taking advantage of the new and improved 24 Hour Fitness. At any given time you will find the young and ambitious along with the elderly and determined.  Having various programs allows everyone to stay fit at their own speed.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Generous pool for lap swimming
  • 2 rooms full of cardio equipment
  • Weights for the body builders
  • 2 steam rooms, yoga classes, spinning and a basketball court

I am personally in love with the new Nordic Track cardio machine.   I can view my progress either with a map, satellite or a street view using a laptop or smart phone. I tried this feature and was able to run down my street while the treadmill adjusted for the hills. This is how I usually start my work out followed by weight lifting, a wet steam or a dip in the pool and I’m done.

It is a stretch to go work out after a long day of work however the rewards are tremendous.  Going to the gym might not be for some people and perhaps going for a walk or taking a yoga class is a better choice.  However, if you like the regiment of going to the gym, 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood is a great place to get fit and have some fun.

What is your favorite place to stay fit or do you prefer other methods of exercising?  Please share your tips and leave your comments below.

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Joseph West is an Associate Partner at Partners Trust. He studied interior design at UCLA and has an extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles market. You can reach him via email at


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  1. […] West Hollywood 24 hours fitness has a $49.99 a month fee. The gym offers a heated out door lap pool and recently went through a major remodel.  The only problem is the staff is not able to keep up with the up keep and maintaining the place to a decent standard. […]

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